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[Clive Barker’s Undying]10 Underrated First Person Shooters That Deserve A Sequel/Remake

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  From Call of Juarez: Gunslinger to Star Wars: Republic Commando, these underrated first-person shooters deserve either a sequel or a remake.

  By Melody MacReady

  Published May 13, 2021



  First-person shooters are quintessential in the evolution of video games. There are the megahits like Wolfenstein or Call Of Duty that became so famous that they spawned massive franchises. Without them, there wouldn’t be games like Apex Legends or the Borderlands series.

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  The market for first-person shooters is massive which leads to a similar dilemma as some movies. Some become massive hits with a ton of sequels and spin-offs while others fall through the cracks. Even great shooters end up as overlooked gems which leads to fans begging for them to return in the future.


  Call of juarez gunslinger gameplay

  In a world where Red Dead Redemption games exist, it’s difficult for Western games to stand out. Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger pulls it off by delivering a pseudo-arcade game with a fun art style, similar to a comic book. Where Red Dead Redemption is meant to be a dark, gritty, realistic take on the Old West: Gunslinger is more straightforward fun.

  Despite critical praise, Gunslinger never had a follow-up other than a port to the Nintendo Switch and a fun crossover video with Red Dead Redemption II. A sequel could easily improve on the formula,?turning it into the Doom: Eternal of Westerns.

  Spinosaurus boss fight in Jurassic The Hunted

  Far from perfect, Jurassic: The Hunted features horrible voice-acting, a pitifully short campaign, and a bland main character. Where it shines is everywhere else: the concept of time portals sending modern-day specialists back to the prehistoric age is cheesy but effective.

  The enemy variety is nice and is all really well-designed, the weapons are fun to use, and the world is beautiful. This is why a remake with some proper tweaks could turn Jurassic: The Hunted into the Jurassic World game that?fans have been asking for.


  Will reloading his pistol in Will Rock 2003

  Skeletons, cyclopses, and ancient Greek gods combined with Twisted Sister’s I Wanna Rock. How did this flop? It’s pure insane yet addictive action from beginning to end with fun boss fights and puzzles. With UbiSoft perfecting their first-person shooter action with the likes of FarCry games, why not bring back Will Rock?

  A reboot in the same vein as Doom or Wolfenstein but with FarCry controls could make for an instant improvement. Add in the crazy, over-the-top Greek myth adventure that rivals God Of War. Will Rock has the potential for many sequels if rebooted properly. Just don’t forget the Twisted Sister.

  Gameplay of Unreal 1998

  Before they were known for making game engines and the ever-evolving Fortnite, Epic Games made the Unreal games which their engine was named after. The first one was an actual single-player game in the same vein as Quake meets Half-Life. It was dark and atmospheric while providing tons of great levels to explore and fight in.

  After Unreal, Epic Games turned the series?into multiplayer games with Unreal Tournament. There was an Unreal II but it did not sell nearly as well or get as good of reviews. With the Unreal engine itself being as powerful as it is, a true Unreal 3 or a reboot would likely provide a beautiful return for the series.


  Clive Barker's Undying Cover Art

  One of the few attempts to mix action and horror without diminishing the fear factor. With horror-legend Clive Barker behind the game, it hits the creepy atmosphere just from the main menu alone. It mixes haunted house movies with Eldritch horror for a unique experience for its time.

  Unfortunately, Clive Barker’s Undying did not sell nearly as well as EA games hoped for. So, as a result, the horrifying adventures of Patrick Galloway never continued. With horror games on the rise these days, an Undying remake would rival that of the Resident Evil remakes.


  This one starring Steve Blum was a surprise hit when it came out. What many thought would be a generic shooter ended up being one of the most unique thanks to its “skillshot” system. The more inventive ways the player finds a way to kill the enemies, the more experience points earned.

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  Combine that with the crazy guns, abilities, and over-the-top campaign that balances epicness with goofy characters. Bulletstorm was so beloved that it even got a remaster featuring Duke Nukem DLC. This has many hoping that a Bulletstorm sequel gets the green light.


  Using time manipulation to kill enemy in Singularity

  Before Christopher Nolan’s Tenet did it, Singularity featured a story in which the main hero and manipulate time. The difference is that Singularity’s hero has even more abilities including speeding up time, pausing it, and more. This alone makes gives the game a unique stamp in an era filled with bland shooters.

  The gunplay itself is also well-balanced with all weapons being fun to use. With a follow-up, everything can just simply get better and lead to another big franchise from Epic Games.

  Darkwatch: Curse Of The West

  Imagine if classic Castlevania games were set in the Old West but in the first person: that is Darkwatch. A very fun overlooked gem that almost had a sequel and even had a trailer but was canceled. Over the years, Darkwatch gained a cult following, clamoring for a sequel or remake.

  While it would make more sense to remake Darkwatch after so many years, a sequel could delve into more monsters including werewolves, ghosts, demons, etc. Give Jericho Cross more abilities which the canceled sequel seemed to promise.


  BT-7274 Scorch and Pilot from Titanfall 2

  This one is baffling: Titanfall 2 was already a praised sequel but it got a spin-off: Apex Legends. Yes, Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as Titanfall with many easter eggs to the franchise. Even the newer character Valkyrie has direct ties to the Titanfall franchise.

  With this amazing expansion of the universe, it is shocking that Respawn Entertainment has not attempted to go back to Titanfall. Perhaps after their planned sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

  Star Wars Republic Commando Character Nintendo Switch Release

  Speaking of Star Wars video games, for almost twenty years now, fans have been asking for a continuation of Republic Commando. Many thought that the new Lucasfilm Games would deliver on that or a reboot but instead, fans were given a welcomed but lacking port for modern systems.

  Many hope that this is their way of getting fans to replay the game in prep for the future. The whole squad command system, the visor interface, transformable weapon, and the dialogue scream for a continuation in other eras. It just needs to be longer, which was Republic Commando’s biggest flaw.

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