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Aside from being one of Marvel’s most versatile heroes, Black Widow is also its most stylish. These are among her best outfits and looks so far.

By Jourdan Silva

Published 11 hours ago


A key member of the Avengers is the highly intelligent and physically skilled Russian spy Natasha Romanoff, or more widely known as Black Widow. She is the glue that keeps the overly competitive and wild male Avengers together, using her impressive social skills and leadership tactics to make the team as?efficient as can be.

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Like all of Marvel’s superheroes, Black Widow has seen many changes to her outfits and looks over the years, and they all have their own unique spin to her classic black color scheme, tight bodysuit, and gorgeous red locks. She looks fantastic no matter what she’s wearing,?though some outfits are more practical than others for her immense skill set. Looking back on all of her iconic looks, there are 10 that stand out above the rest.


Fighting Black Widow in Iron Man 2

Natasha’s very first appearance in the MCU is in Iron Man 2. She is introduced as a spy undercover, posing as a notary for Stark’s legal department, before her true profession and identity is revealed. Her very first outfit in the franchise of movies is sharp, sleek, super cool, and sticks true to her classic look. She wears all black, with a few tactical items strapped closely to her, making her movements quicker and quieter. This is the longest we ever see Natasha’s hair, as she sports very?long, curly red locks before getting a big chop for the other movies.

Avengers Endgame Poster Black Widow

This?hair means?everything in Avengers: Endgame. Black Widow had bleached blonde hair in the previous movie that occurred 5 years prior, so seeing her red hair again was so nostalgic. To show how Natasha was struggling to recover from the traumatic events that happened half a decade ago, she still has long streaks of platinum blonde hair going down her shoulder, while her deep red roots grew out. She didn’t bother trying to match the colors or even chopping off the blonde parts; she was so focused on saving everyone, she didn’t take a moment to think about her appearance. What a queen.


Natasha and Steve Captain America 2

Not every outfit has to be involve a?skintight tactical jumpsuit for Natasha to look good. Whenever she wears civilian clothes, whether she’s off hours or undercover, she looks incredible. She has been seen across the MCU wearing classic New York weather clothes, such as thick jackets and skinny jeans,?fancy dinner party attire, and charming business casual clothes.

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And the best part of her in civilian clothing is that she can still kick butt better than anyone else when she’s wearing them. Black Widow in the Marvel comics also sports some cool casual clothing that?shows off her chic style.

Black Widow and Captain America

Black Widow strapped on a green tactical vest over her typical black suit in Avengers: Infinity War. Though it’s a bold new look for her, having never worn green in her uniform in the past, the vest makes total sense. Typically, Natasha is out fighting villains with heavy weaponry and all she has to protect?herself is a skintight outfit with no bulletproof padding or extra pockets. With this vest, she looks much more prepared for a battle. Her platinum blonde chop is the perfect addition to her new uniform, proving?that she can look great no matter what new style she tries.


Black Widow in White Suit

When Black Widow had a mission up in the snowy mountains, she knew better than to try to sneak around a frozen tundra in her all black getup. For this reason, she introduced an?all white version of her classic suit. It’s an iconic look that is fashionable and tactical at the same time. The only issue with this cool look is her wild blowing, long red hair that easily gives away her location in the snowy area. Fans of Black Widow will get to see Scarlet Johansson wearing this all-white look in her?upcoming solo Marvel movie.

Black Widow 2099 Costume

In an alternate timeline of the superhero world, more specifically?Earth-23291, Black Widow isn’t a role filled by Natasha Romanoff. This Marvel character is unlike any other, for she is a cannibalistic serial killer who eats her lovers. To be named after a deadly spider?is very fitting for the Avenger, also known as Tania.

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Her costume has features that resemble an actual spider while also staying true to the classic look. Her long gray hair really fits with the costume, too. Tania as Black Widow may not be everyone’s favorite, but she does look incredibly cool.


Black Widow Fighting in Age of Ultron

Black Widow’s normal costume doesn’t boast any flashy bells and whistles like the other Avengers’ costumes do, but in Age of Ultron, Natasha gets a little taste of?technology in her uniform. The?thin, blue neon lights that trailed up her suit helped power her new electronic gadgets she used in battle against her powerful foes. This addition?was only a brief change in her costume, since the next time we see her, the tech adjustment to her suit is gone once more. It’s different than her normal sneaky spy look, but it’s justifiable since her enemies needed a big, electric shock to be defeated.

Marvel Avengers Black Widow Red Outfit

In the game Marvels Avengers, Black Widow can wear a large variety of cool outfits that all grant power boosts and enhanced?abilities. This Lethal suit provides?such a cool color scheme for the Avenger, turning most of her?suit?bright red. There are many other suits to choose from for Black Widow, from a SHIELD Agent suit to an undercover trench coat to a Stark tech suit. The variety of costumes alone is a reason you should pick up a copy of the game. Black Widow and all of her fellow superheroes look incredible!


Natasha Romanov Black Widow movie

The upcoming Black Widow movie promises fans a few new suits that are sure to impress. Just the sneak peaks from the trailers and promo shots are enough to get fans excited.

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Natasha will finally get to explain her intense backstory, including how she came to become an eventual member of the Avengers. The suit she wears in the trailer looks incredible, with a gray and black color scheme and thin pieces of protective gear that will keep her safe while still allowing tons of movement.

Black Widow Swinging in Comic

Nothing beats the classic Black Widow superhero suit from the comics. All of the fashionable black jumpsuits and accessories mirror this original look, with the skintight one piece, golden utility belt, and tactical bracelet bands. The fiery red hair and piercing green eyes matched with the simple yet effective look will always make Black Widow the coolest looking Avenger.

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