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[Re Zero Crunchyroll]90 million registered users!It turns out that Sony acquired Crunchyroll hidden these

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  In 2020, for the film and television industry,Undoubtedly a year of the giant change,The biggest beneficiaries,Probably an Internet stream medium.Because of special reasons,Many streaming of streaming in the world is expanding,More and more people choose to work at home,The home time is growing,It also has gradually increased demand for audio-visual entertainment projects.According to Digital TV Research,During 2019 to 2025,Global streaming service payment subscribers will increase 5.2.9 billion,Make the total number of users in the world to 11.700 million,China and the United States are expected to account for 51% of the world.

  December 11, 2020,AT & T’s Warner Media announced thatCrunchyroll, which will be an animation streaming media, 11.$ 7.5 billion prices for sale to Funimation Global Group.Funimation is Sony Film and Recreation and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Subsidiaries Aniplex (Anni) joint venture,Is a company aimed at spreading the world’s animation fans,In 2017, Sony is 1.$ 4.3 billion prices acquired.


  It is understood thatCrunchyroll is an anime service business that is important to the consumer (D2C) of Warner Media.Have more than 3 million paid subscription users (this number is still growing). Crunchyroll provides services for 90 million registered users in more than 200 countries and regions,Including advertising video on demand (AVOD),mobile game,Cartoon,Active goods and distribution services.The Crunchyroll is strong with funimation,Further expand the distribution range of the content partner and develop more fans-core products for consumers.

  Tony Vinciquerra, CEO of Sony Film, said: “Through Funimation and our excellent partners in Aniplex and Japan Sony Music Entertainment,We have a deep understanding of this global art.And conditions provide excellent content to the audience around the world.We will be with Crunchyroll,Create the best experience for fans,And the creators of Japan and other regions,Producer and publishers provide more opportunities.”

  The chief recovery of Warner Media Tony Goncalves said thatCrunchyroll integration with funimation,Will continue to build a global community,To bring more Japan / Japanese animation (Anime) for more people.They have created global ecology for this art.

  Tony Gponcalves, Chief Relays of Warnermedia, said in the statement: “The Crunchyroll team not only developed Crunchyroll brand,Moreover, a passionate animation fan community is also established.CRunchyroll’s success is the direct result of company culture and respect fans.”


  Yoshida Xianlan has repeatedly and said Sony is a creative entertainment company.”Close to users and creators”,Representing “people” is the core of Sony business promotion.Quality hardware is a bridge that realizes this goal.Sony will continue to upgrade quality hardware to better supply to consumers.

  Sony Film Entertainment Chairman and CEO TONY Vinciquerra said: “With Crunchyroll,We will create a better experience for fans,Cherker in Japan and other regions,Producer and publishers create more opportunities.Funimation has been engaged in this work for more than 25 years.We look forward to continuing to use creativity and technical force to succeed in this rapidly growing entertainment.”

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