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[RE LIFE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD]Charting 09 The Dream of a Greater Life

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  June 19th,Shanghai) June 19th,The first in the lead in the CNOC team jointly built, the large-scale luxury smart flagship SUV packet 09,It is officially debuted in the world’s 1862 fashion art center.As a largest and most mature product in the current model,Bed 09 integrates classic, elegant, luxurious, intelligent qualities,It is the representative of the five anniversary of the leader brand.At the Tech 09 this time the theme of “Let’s Co Captain”,Urban coast elements are drawn,And with the urban architectural elements, new reorganization,Perfectly constructed the beauty of the new quarterly city opposition,Fully highlighting the product image of the Character as the flagship and the packet “challenge all the practices” sustainable brand spirit.


  In the first show of the leader 09,China and European designers introduced the initiality and design inspiration of gingxian 09 to the site guests and media.According to reports,The design of the leader 09 is from the COs that grow synchronously with the gingry.They as a contemporary ethnic group,Not only has excellent personal ability,It also has a wide range of influence,It is the higher demand that they have different scenes such as families and work in growth.Bring the inspiration of the pile designer “The Dream of a Greater Life”,Committed to creating a luxury luxury travel experience for users from spatial sensation, intelligence, and handling.


  Inspiration in design,Leak 09 still uses philosophy of urban anticipation.Demonstology and thoughts from the metropolis landmark buildings that are growing up,Deconstructive, recombinant,The pulse of the urban turn is again integrated into product design,Re-outline the artistic contour of avant-garde atmosphere,Removing the new high design.Just as the Leak 09 European Design team said, “Biking 09 marks the new era of the automotive industrial design.It is unprecedented in unprecedented size, design and technology.


  Depart from user needs,Biocked 09 decimensation of the US contacted beautyUse intelligence and luxury as keywords,Create a new flagship car, a domineering, luxurious smart,New Experience in the New Interpretation of Digital Age.


  Smart domineering and gentleman is also elegant

  As the first pilot model under the scalable medium large module architecture spa,The catented 09 perfect inherits the excellent gene of the spa architecture.Have 5042 * 1977 * 1780mm domineering vehicle size,Aspects of aspects, leading the same level,It also made a foundation for excellent space performance.


  In the overall shape,The leader 09 is different from the past leader model.It is inspired by urban coast.Integrate the elements such as the vast sea, the 波 涛 into the body design,Through the reorganization of DNAs with the original urban confrontation,For the front face, the car side brings a new visual experience that is also elegant,At the same time, the large 21-inch hub is matched,Also make the whole car more domineering.

  The front face is the biggest breakthrough in the design of the vehicle.As a large SUV,Baked 09 pole and high advantages,Therefore, the designer boldly adopted a new vertical grid shape.And introduce a new decorative line under the lower part of the grill,Name “Urban Coastline”,This line and family-cultivation of “urban skyline” echo,Outline the atmosphere of the front face.From the side angle, you can find thatLongitudinal grid is not a pure plane,Instead, it presents a forward protruding wave curve.Bring the strength and dynamics of thousands of flies,This also gives a three-dimensional visual sense of the piking 09.


  On the headlights in the front headlights in the star-ranging matrix.Cable 09 also innovative uses embedded integrated design,Forming a hug structure with a vertical grill,Remind self-confidence and strength.Function,Single 84 matrix light source,Let each light source can be independent,And equipped with AFS intelligent steering function,You can achieve 4 flexible variable modes of city, country, high speed, climate,When you light up, it is like the light on the oriental pearl.

  The side of the body of the packet 09,Also this unique design highlights,Beyond the maximum L113 size of the same level,Build an elegant proportion of the packet 09From the front wheel center to the interior pedal length of 620mm,Let the leader 09 take advantage from the side of the head to the A column and even the entire tail, smooth, smooth,It’s like elegant vetypy neck.Fully highlight the beauty of the body attitude.

  In addition,Unique side window Flushdoor process,Let the windows and b between the A column and the D column are in the same pure plane.Just as an extremely smooth full reflection mirror,Pure and beautiful,Simimic mirror.At the same time, the hidden door handle of the body, the windsurfing of the wind is also like the beauty of the beautiful and elegant beauty.


  Tail,Echoing with the front face hegemony style,The leader 09 innovation uses a more integrated integrated integrated crystal taillight,Extremely visual impact gull style,Composed of size gradually bilateral crystal slides,When you light up, it is like a seagull to spread the wings on the coast.Dynamic is unhappy.

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