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[Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night]There Might Be A Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Sequel In The Works

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  1RaylaxFri 28th May 2021

  ’Ri2ual of the Night’ is fantastic.

  I’ve always been more ‘Troid than ‘Vania, the RPG end of Vania doesn’t quite gel with me, but I know some folks who’ll be very happy to hear this. Cool stuff.



  2WillQuanFri 28th May 2021

  I recently finished Bloodstained on the Switch and found it to be a good game but not great. There is definitely room for improvement (and not just performance wise), didn’t seem particularly well balanced with bosses being a particular grievance of mine but definitely a good starting point for the series.



  3nimnioFri 28th May 2021

  @WillQuan How is performance as of now-ish?



  4Flashlink99Fri 28th May 2021

  Maybe this time around they’ll optimize the graphics and framerate so it won’t play like dung on Switch



  5JuiceMan_VFri 28th May 2021

  Sad to say, but I’m not interested after what happened with the Switch version.

  The Kickstarter campaign wasn’t that great either.



  6Flashlink99Fri 28th May 2021

  @nimnio 30 fps with awful dips especially during the final boss fight, they gave up on finding solutions for improving performance



  7ModdedInklingFri 28th May 2021

  This time around, I hope they develop the game with the Switch in mind, much like Bethesda did with Doom Eternal.

  The Switch has good graphical capabilities, but not many developers use it properly.



  8nessisonettFri 28th May 2021

  Really loved the first one, a sequel would be great!



  9kingbkFri 28th May 2021

  Bloodstaind is awesome. Playing right now on the Switch and it plays great, both in handheld and docked. Graphics are gorgeous. Good challenge but never unfair.



  10nhSnorkFri 28th May 2021

  I’ve had a blast with the first game (and still do), so I’ll be in the market for a sequel regardless of its chronology and setting. Certainly biased towards it being the same genre, but presumably so is Iga-sensei. Curse of the Moon games are quality stuff in their own right but a lower priority for me (despite ironically belonging among those I actually beat on Switch most).



  11imgrowinglegsFri 28th May 2021

  I played the 2 Curse of the Night games before I played Ritual, and Ritual really suffered as a result. Both Curse titles are such flawlessly throwbacks and Ritual was just alright. Kinda janky, sometimes really ugly.

  Still fun though. I’ll play a sequel.



  12FalienFri 28th May 2021

  “Ri2al of the Night”

  No no no no no! That’s not how it works! Try “Bloods2ained”!



  13StudeFri 28th May 2021

  As long as it takes place in a castle of some sort, I’m good.



  14FoxMcCloudFri 28th May 2021

  I’m hoping for a Bloodstained; curse of the moon 3. 1 and 2 where great!



  15larryisanassmanFri 28th May 2021

  Hopefully they take a leaf out of Playtonic’s book and make Switch the lead platform for the sequel given the first games success on there.

  Loved the first one even with the less than stellar performance on Switch. I just hope there’s less obtuse solutions to progress in the next one, there were times I had to use a guide to figure out what to do next- don’t think I’d have ever worked out some of the answers were it not for online help. I heard that’s a common Castlevania trait, not sure since I haven’t played much of that series but it was irritating all the same. Less of that please.



  16ChromaticDraculaFri 28th May 2021

  Yeah but this could also mean a next-gen upgrade. That’s sort of how I’m reading into it with the “version” verbiage.

  If it had said “second entry” or something like that I’d go down the sequel path.

  Still, regardless, I am excited! I really enjoyed this game and it’s difficulty.



  17sdelfinFri 28th May 2021

  If the project is as badly managed as the first, it’ll be another four years before it’s ready and maybe that will be enough time for people to forget the many problems the game had and the lies the publisher told leading up to and following release in order to make sure the Switch audience bought the game upon launch. I was a backer on Kickstarter for a different version(Linux PC) that was promised on day one and they strung us all along for almost four years until they realized they were too incompetent to make sure the game could actually run under Mac or Linux. And to top it off, they refused refunds which they had offered for previous cancelled versions, and their PR rep lied directly to me about a remedy for disgruntled backers that they wanted as few people to know about it as possible. Luckily, thanks to Inti Creates’ Curse of the Moon retro-styled game delivered as part of my backing and being able to sell my worthless(for me) Windows key for nearly what I paid, I actually came out ahead in a way, but I’ll be avoiding projects involving Iga and 505 Games going forward.



  18JeanPaulFri 28th May 2021

  For me the game is good, but that’s it. Nothing that amazed me or left me wanting more. And considering all the trouble it had with the switch, and that, for me, it didn’t deliver visually what was promised, if they made another kickstarted, I wont support it.



  19JeanPaulFri 28th May 2021

  @sdelfin Right there with you, for me they didn’t deliver what they promised, Mac users were left in the unknown and never did anything to reimburse them, and they still kept saying that they would bring it to OS/Lynux systems.

  A sloppy and irresponsible company that made a generic metroidvania.



  20Nintendofan83Fri 28th May 2021

  I can’t recommend the first one on Switch. It was a buggy mess with huge dips in FPS to the point I found it hard to play. I re-tried the game on my Xbox 1X and it was much, much better. If they do release the sequel, I hope the Switch version is a bit more playable at launch. So much to like about the game, though.

  My main gripe is from a business perspective, not a developer one. The game was fun and beautiful to look at it. However, the Kickstarter data showed that the Switch version was pre-ordered the most and generated the most revenue for the development team. I feel like they took the Switch user bases money and used it to create a game for PC, PS4 and XB1 systems. The Switch version generated the most pre-launch revenue but seemed to receive the least amount of attention from the team. I really felt burnt by that personally. I’m cautious about kickstarters now because of this experience.



  21Nintendofan83Fri 28th May 2021

  @sdelfin Fully agree! The team were dishonest and Iga is not a good public front man for a company. I wont be supporting them again either.



  22DeadyFri 28th May 2021

  Day one, no questions asked.



  23Pak-ManFri 28th May 2021

  I swear, if they name it “Ri2al of the Night” I’m gonna hold y’all responsible.



  24WillQuanFri 28th May 2021

  @nimnio the only parts where I experienced significant slowdown was the large tower section where there is a bit more going on and the second to last boss (that was really bad). The bigger problem for me was the loading times which when going between rooms can be particularly long and even worse when dying/reloading. Sometimes the menu seems to take far too long to show up on screen as well. I would by no means say its unplayable(I did fully complete the game after all) and would also say it didn’t effect my personal views on the game.



  25dluxxxFri 28th May 2021

  More Curse of the Moon games! 1 and 2 are exceptional!!



  26scannerdarkly7Fri 28th May 2021

  I didn’t play it on Switch. I’m far too sceptical of buying any multi-platform release on the Switch, and for good reason. It’s at times not only an inferior version, but an unplayable one.

  I thought CotM titles were great, and RotM was fantastic. Most Metroidvania games released don’t even come close to effort and quality of RotM and it was a damn shame when something like Hollow Knight runs pretty well on the system. Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t even see the sequel on Switch.



  27antonio2244Fri 28th May 2021

  I liked more Curse of the moon, but will likely buy anything Iga makes. I hope no more Miriam, I didn’t like her at all.



  28ArckadiusFri 28th May 2021

  Ritual of the Night may be my favorite Switch game I own that isnt a 1st party game. I would love a sequel. I have not played either Curse of the Moon games though. Someday, but they seem less my cup of tea.



  29Dirty0814Fri 28th May 2021

  Fix the bugs before release and then we can talk



  30Dirty0814Fri 28th May 2021

  @Arckadius Curse of the moons are great games. Almost everything inte creates makes though is a great game



  31DualmaskFri 28th May 2021

  I never played it on Switch but loved Bloodstained on PS4. I would have preferred it on Switch if I hadn’t heard such terrible things about it at launch, and having played it to death already, I’m not going to bother getting it for Switch…but a sequel would be great. Hopefully it continues with Miriam, I really liked her character design.



  32dBackLashFri 28th May 2021

  I played the first one on pc and I really loved it, I would love a sequal but for obvious reasons I’m not gonna get it for the switch.



  33BobbFri 28th May 2021

  Yes, please more, thank you very much!



  34ZuljarasFri 28th May 2021

  The game is ok. It is not as good as IGA’s Castlevania games but close enough.



  35somnambulanceFri 28th May 2021

  @dluxxx Agree 100%! Curse of the Moon is my favorite “Castlevania” game since 3 (yes, I prefer og Castlevania to the Symphony and on series). Thought Ritual of the Night was good, but after Curse of the Moon, it felt like Ritual was sort of disappointing.



  36ManjushriSat 29th May 2021

  SotN was simply amazing but I think the formula got stale a few games in. I didn’t enjoy Ritual nearly as much as I’d hoped to.



  37SplodgeSat 29th May 2021

  I’m always on for more Iga-vania. And I’m happy it seems to be working out for him – I understand Konami wouldn’t let him make these kinds of games anymore so it’s great he gets to now.

  The project had a lot of parallels with Mighty Number 9 – both being Kickstarter projects and both continuing classic series (without the branding) by the original developers. But I’m so glad this one worked out better than MN9.



  38Zach1122Sat 29th May 2021

  @ChromaticDracula it’s an odd way of wording “sequel” for sure, but that’s how they referred to other games with known sequels in the works. With how successful ritual of the night was he almost HAS to do a follow up at this point



  39MoistnadoSat 29th May 2021

  @kingbk are you playing it on PC? This is certainly not how it plays on Switch.



  40Mgene15Sat 29th May 2021

  enjoyed the first one, even with the performance issues on switch. would welcome a sequel



  41TempestrykeSat 29th May 2021

  Ooh. That would be nice if true.



  42ConangigaSat 29th May 2021

  If they come up with something new instead of reusing every idea from SotN to OoE that’s fine by me.

  The first game felt not even like a best of but more of a ‘let’s use EVERY feature of every Igarashi Castlevania in one game’.



  43ChromaticDraculaSun 30th May 2021

  @Zach1122 for sure, I’m going to be in line for that sequel!

  I agree… it’s almost it’s own franchise now… what is it 3 games now under that moniker?


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