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[MediEvil]Ghost of Ikishima’s domain recorded after Ghost of Tsushima DLC rumors

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  Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Apparently, the content won’t be too dissimilar?from what PlayStation players received?from the likes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, both standalone releases launched over a year after their respective predecessors. Sucker Punch is, of course, no stranger to exploring such content rollouts. In fact, the team may warrant?recognition as the first Sony-owned studio?to deploy?standalone DLC of this nature, having dropped Infamous: Festival of Blood in October 2011. The Washington State-based crew dipped their toes in the standalone space once more with 2014’s Infamous: First Light. And there’s evidence to suggest the trend will?continue?with Ghost of Tsushima.

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  Other recent PlayStation-related rumors claim Sony plans to host a new event next month on July 8. Reportedly, said event will see the corporation showcase a first look at gameplay for the Ragnarok-centric God of War adventure that’s set to release in 2022. At the time of writing, however, none of the above has been corroborated by Sony. Ghost of Tsushima is available to play now on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

  Should Ghost of Ikishima prove real, the title indicates that players will explore Ikishima, or Iki Island, an island situated between South Korea and the?Fukuoka prefecture. As a part of the?Tsushima Strait, Ikishima, too, suffered under the weight of the Mongol invasion in 1274. Thus, such a locale would perfectly befit the tale told in Sucker Punch’s award-winning open-world title. Over the weekend, someone, presumably PlayStation, registered a domain for Ghost of Ikishima – the rumored Ghost of Tsushima standalone expansion. Gaming Route spotted the listing on who.is and noted that the domain itself – ghostofikishima.com – redirects visitors to the PS4 Games portal on the official PlayStation website. Since this particular development follows so closely after the Ghost of Tsushima expansion report, the registered domain seems to provide further evidence that additional content of some kind is indeed in the works.

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  Source: who.is via Gaming Route

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