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Redditors cast their votes in a poll asking them to pick only one Jessica Lange-starring “American Horror Story” season to rewatch, and the results were crystal clear. Season 2, “Asylum,” was the frontrunner, nabbing 128 votes out of 335.?

That result shouldn’t be too surprising, because while “American Horror Story: Asylum” is a very, very wild season involving aliens, demons, and serial killers, it still manages to keep things revolved around the Briarcliff Manor mental institution. Also, did we mention that the doctor working at the facility is secretly a Nazi war criminal named Hans Gr┨per? Honestly, if you haven’t seen “Asylum,” you’re missing out.

And we haven’t even discussed Jessica Lange’s performance yet. She’s truly incredible as Sister Jude Martin, who begins the series’ sophomore season as a cold and brutal manager of Briarcliff. However, the more the story expands, the more viewers learn about Sister Jude. Her steely exterior is peeled back as the season’s narrative explores the nun’s insecurities, her desires, and her guilty past. It’s really no surprise that Lange won a number of awards for the role ! including a Golden Globe and an Emmy, per IMDb ! especially as Jude’s sanity is pushed to the brink in the later episodes.

If your heart didn’t break a little when Jude was imprisoned in the facility by the demonic Sister Mary Eunice McKee (Lily Rabe) and Dr. Arden, aka Hans Gr┨per (James Cromwell), then nothing will. Now, excuse us while we rewatch “Asylum” again.