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[Garfield Kart]Forget About Forza Horizon 5 as Garfield Kart Now Costs Just 49 Cents

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  But with Microsoft keeping all details secret and so many leaks pointing to various locations where the game would be set, waiting for Forza Horizon 5 sometimes becomes frustrating, especially because nobody knows exactly when it’s going to land.

  In the meantime, there are other games out there to satisfy your appetite for racing games, and this week, one of the most arcade-ish yet awkwardly challenging has received a massive discount.

  Garfield Kart, which typically costs $4.99 on Steam, can be yours until June 14 for no less than $0.49, which, let’s be honest, is the lowest price such a game could get. The game and the Lasagna add-on are also offered as part of a bundle with a 93 percent, so it costs $1.49 instead of $19.99.

  Is Garfield Kart any good? That’s hard to say, though don’t expect it to be any rival to Forza Horizon or Assetto Corsa. It’s a simple karting game based on the same idea as so many others, allowing you to race against others, collect power-ups, shoot your enemies, and win races, all in karts driven by Garfield, Odie, Jon, or Nermal.

  The reviews posted on Steam are 89 percent positive, and 91 percent of the people who played it recently actually liked the game, even if it’s already close to 8 years old.

  But at the end of the day, Garfield Kart is the kind of game that’s pretty fun at first but gets rather boring after a while. However, at $0.49, it’s really hard to complain about anything, so you’d better give it a try while you still can.