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[codm garena]Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes Are Out!

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  It’s that time of the year Call of Duty: Mobile finally resets the Rank Season. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2: Day of Reckoning is round the corner and Activision has promised a horde of changes. Season 2 sets foot within three days from today, as the in-game Battle Pass counter suggests. CODM will reset the rank of every player to two tiers underneath.


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  The official Facebook account of Garena CODM posted the patch notes of Season 2 a few hours back. The rank season will last from March to May 2021. The update is 2.9GB on iOS for Garena version of the game.

  While the patch notes mentioned underneath are of Garena CODM, players can expect not too many changes for the global version.


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  The Rank Rewards include The Legendary Frame, Krueger character skin, KN-44 skin, and more. They also confirmed the new weapons and scorestreaks teased on Twitter. The rest of the patch notes, nerfs and buffs are:

  ? Call for air support!

   Deploy the new Scorestreak, Napalm to clear enemies in your path!

   Coming to #CODMobile next week as a part of the Season 2 Battle Pass! pic.twitter.com/UiemxRGc4u

  — Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) March 6, 2021

  – New weapon: AS VAL- A special rifle with a high firing rate and damage, the subsonic design creates a silencing effect. However, the catch is a slow bullet speed with a visible bullet falling trajectory.

  – New Scorestreak: Napalm- Scorch nearby enemies and fill the battlefield with flames.

   The new weapon, SP-R 208 will be joining the Sniper Rifle family for Season 2!

   Available next season of #CODMobile launching this week! pic.twitter.com/QvJGcJ6A5h

  — Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) March 8, 2021

  – Recon- After players kill an enemy, they can scan nearby enemies and the perk will display it on the mini-map.


  Shoot House: The popular Modern Warfare map is now available in CODM! The map features a military training ground in the middle of a desert, including the classic 3-route design. Join the fierce combat with your best maneuvers!

   Get plenty of target practice here at Shoot House!

  Explore the new but familiar #CODMobile multiplayer map coming in Season 2!

   Get the latest intel https://t.co/Mn6vQFyA8X

   Stay tuned for more Shoot House activities later today! pic.twitter.com/fNFvOV48gn

  — Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) March 5, 2021

  Shipment – Modern: This classic map in the Modern Warfare series has been renovated! The WWII-style shipment port is now in modern style. While fighting fiercely between containers, don’t let your guard down!

   You guessed it… and it’s coming!

   New multiplayer map, Shipment is in transit and arriving to #CODMobile as a part of Season 2! pic.twitter.com/XMiUEBHh3i

  — Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) March 5, 2021

  Blueprint Overview: Players can select and change blueprints in the Loadout conveniently by clicking the “OVERVIEW” icon.

  Recently Acquired Items: The Notification clearing icon (the exclamation mark with a slash) now shows all new items player recently gained, including weapons, attachments, soldiers, camos, and others.

  Blueprints Available: Players now can see new blueprints available in the Loadout.

   Commence the TANK madness!

   New mode, Tank Battle is being added to the Battle Royale rotation.

   Coming to #CODMobile in Season 2! pic.twitter.com/H5yVdOsBP8

  — Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) March 7, 2021

  Tank Battle: Available for ranked Mode.

  Collect five components to assemble your tank. You can also assemble tank by blueprint in the airdrop.

  Anti-Tank weapon: Delay Bomb, Proximity Mine, Anti-Tank Sticky Grenade,

  Anti-Tank Sniper, Anti-Tank War Machine.

  Tank repair tools: Welding Gun.

  Tank blueprints: Three types.

  New Vehicle

  – New Vehicle: Cargo Truck. The truck has only two seats for the driver and the co-driver, but the body can accommodate multiple soldiers who can move freely. The acceleration is slower, but equipped with high durability and provides great protection.

  Soldiers now can equip pistols as custom airdrop weapons.

  Weapon Lists Updated

  – Common: AK117 / SKS / M4LMG / GKS

  – Uncommon: AK47 / Man-O-War / M21 EBR / Chopper / RUS-74U / BY15 / KRM-262

  – Rare: AK117 / BK57 / FR .556 / HVK-30 / Peacekeeper MK2 / AS VAL / LOCUS / M4LMG / Razorback / QQ9 / QXR / KRM-262

  – Epic: Type 25 / ICR / DRH / BK57 / KN-44 / AS VAL / Man-O-War / Peacekeeper MK2 / HVK-30 / DL Q33 / SKS / Chopper / RUS-74U / GKS / QQ9

  – Legendary: M4 / Man-O-War / AS VAL / HVK-30 / M4LMG / QXR / GKS

  Overall, we can say that the buffed weapons this season are the DLQ, ICR, ASM10, and DR-H (according to the Korean CODM).

  The Man-O-War Meta will most probably continue since the gun is getting a Legendary Blueprint this season.

  While the Nerfed weapons are Arctic 50, War machine, Grav spikes, Annihilator

  – Increased MSMC’s OWC Marksman barrel attachment vertical recoil control.

  – Increased S36, UL736,RPD and M4LMG’s YKM combat stock attachment ADS time reduction.

  – Decreased HBRA3’s OWC Marksman barrel attachment’s negative effects.

  – Increased DL Q33 damage to 90 and grants it higher wall-penetrating damage.

  – Increased DRH’s the No Stock attachment ADS time reduction to 12%.

  – Decreased DRH’s No Stock attachment hit flinch to 15%.

  – Slightly decreased ICR’s No Stock attachment and YKM Combat Stock attachment accuracy.

  – Slightly increased ASM10’s No Stock attachment hit flinch.

  – Decreased Arctic .50’s wall-penetrating damage and MIP Stopping Power Reload attachment’s damage ratio to legs. Now a wall-penetrating leg shot will not be lethal.

  – The capacity of blocking fire bullet for Arctic.50 is decreased from 20 to 15 and its maximum capacity is decreased from 40 to 30, ADS time increased from 12% to 30%,and shot interval from 40% to 50%.

  – Decreased the explosion range of War Machine. Nerf.

  – Decreased the damage reduction of War Machine operator. Nerf.

  – Decreased Gravity Spike damage range.

  – Slightly decreased the damage of Annihilator dealt to Stealth Chopper, XS1 Goliath, VTOL, Shield Turret, and Transform shield.

  The team has fixed a bunch of annoying glitches. They fix the very frustrating glitch where the player gets stuck while entering the Blue House on CT Top, Standoff map. Let’s face it, we’ve all died there!

  – Soldiers equipped with Dead Silence Perk no longer hear the footstep of themselves, and the audible range of running has been decreased.

  – Players are now able to jump while moving alongside a wall.

  – Optimized the speed adjustment when moving alongside a wall/obstacle,

  – Enhanced the server tick rate.

  – Advanced player’s hit box when switching among standing, crouching and prostrating.

  – Increased characters’ FPS. Enemy’s movements and actions are more precise and smooth.

  – Optimized sound effects based on different scenes so that players can locate their enemies more accurately.

  – Fixed an issue that players might get stuck in window frames when climbing through.

  – Resolved an issue when Soldiers are stuck for a while after crossing the shortcut of LAUNDRY SIDEWALK in Raid.

  – Fixed an issue of wrong collisions in the Takeoff’s scene.

  – Resolved an issue of wrong collisions in the Tunisia’s scene.

  The BR, unlike MP, has improved on the operators significantly. The Tempest and especially Annihilator can now kill enemies easier.

  – Increased ADS accuracy for all weapons.

  – Increased horizontal recoil control for all weapons.

  – Popular weapons such as AK47 and AK117 have much lower recoil control compared to other weapons.

  – The locking time for FHJ18 is changed to 1 second.

  – The launching speed of projectiles from FHJ18 is decreased to 110m/s and accelerates to its maximum speed.

  – Significantly increased SMG and SHOTGUN hip-fire accuracy.

  – Significantly increased SNIPER rifle recoil control.

  – Increased Tempest’s damage and damaging radius.

  – Increased Annihilator range. It now can eliminate the enemy in all range with 2 shots.

  – An increased projectile distance of all lethal and tactical weapons.

  – Cluster Grenade now has an alarm when it sticks to an object, and directions of small grenades will be shown on the screen.

  – Discarded guns will no longer show amount of remaining ammo.

  – Optimized wingsuit landing action.

  – Revised the server tick rate.

  – Optimized player’s hitbox when switching among standing, crouching, and prostrating.

  – Increased characters’ FPS. Enemy’s movements and actions are more precise and smooth.

  – Optimized sound effects based on different scenes so that players can locate their enemies more accurately.


  Going Dark

  – They have added Battery limitation feature to night vision devices, with an exception for the undead in Attack of the Night.

  – EMP can temporarily paralyze night vision devices.

  – Score streak items and trip mines show team color even when night vision device is on.

  – Fixed the issue when visual effects of weapon blueprints and firing effects were overexposed when night vision device is on.

  – Fixed the issue when the touch screen of controlling Scorestreaks is blurred when night vision device is on.

  – Optimized the lighting of related maps.

  – New scoring rule added to Hard Point: continuous capturing. Soldiers who continuously capturing the Hard Point will earn extra scores.

  – Fixed the issue that the soldier revives too far from the objective.

  More matchmaking time? Quicker than 360 seconds? We’ll find out in 2 days!


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  – Optimized the algorithm of evaluating players’ strengths and abilities in every rank, especially legendary players. Legendary players around 6500 scores won’t match up with high-score legendary players frequently.

  – Optimized the UI of the ranking lobby.

  – Optimized rank point calculating algorithm. Players get more rank points in the new season in total.


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  Season 2: Day of Reckoning of Call of Duty Mobile is all set to arrive in a matter of days. This season is bringing newer content than any other season resets. Happy Grinding to Legendary!