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[doom eternal coop]Does Doom Eternal have co-op?

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  Box art - Doom EternalKevin TuckerThursday, March 12, 2020 does Doom Eternal have co-op cooperative multiplayer

  Doom Eternal is all about fast-paced and frenetic first-person action. As such, many players are wondering if they can play the game together with their friends, taking down demons as a team. Is Doom Eternal a co-op game? Or does it feature any kind of cooperative gameplay? Keep reading to find out the answer.

  Is Doom Eternal co-op cooperative

  No, Doom Eternal does not have co-op. There is no option for two players to make a cooperative run through the main campaign. With that said, the Doom Eternal Battlemode does allow for something comparable to co-op play, allowing two players to work together in order to take down a player-controlled Doom Slayer.

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  Still, for all intents and purposes, we wouldn’t count Battlemode as co-op. It’s better described as asymmetrical multiplayer. And, for what it’s worth, Doom Eternal does not feature any kind of local multiplayer or split-screen support. While the Battlemode does see a team of two players going against a solo player, the mode appears to be online-only. Unfortunately, that means couch-based multiplayer is a no-go.

  All multiplayer concerns aside, Doom Eternal should offer enough thrills to keep most first-person shooter fans happy. Following on the successful formula of Doom 2016, Eternal provides fast-paced action with an emphasis on aggressive gameplay. And, like its predecessor, there’s not much of an emphasis on puzzle solving. All things considered, cooperative gameplay isn’t really part of the Doom design.

  Sorry folks: Doom Eternal is not a co-op game. It’s designed specifically to be an intense single-player experience. And while the Doom Eternal Battlemode should provide enough thrills for players who like to work together cooperatively, it doesn’t really count as a co-op mode. If you’re interested in running through the Doom Eternal campaign, just know that you’ll have to work through it alone.

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